Wasps On The Hoop House

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For some reason, the paper wasps have been extremely attracted to the greenhouse plastic covering my raised vegetable beds. I didn’t see many wasps in the yard last year, but I’m reading their return as a good omen. Many wasps … Continue reading

Winning The Hudson Valley Seed Raffle

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While voting for District 39’s Participatory Budget Initiative, which could help fund some outstanding gardens in the neighborhood, I entered a raffle organized by Claudia Joseph and the Hudson Valley Seed Library. And guess what – I won! The booty … Continue reading

Cool Spring Mornings

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In a matter of days, the beets and lettuces will be up, the camellia will be in full bloom, and I’ll be eating outside every chance I get.

“Golden Sweet” Snow Peas

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My “Golden Sweet” snow peas were planted at the beginning of March and they started coming up about three weeks later. I followed the pea inoculation directions over at DigginFood and had almost 100% germination! By now, they’re almost large … Continue reading

Planting Blazing Star Corms

By frank wouters (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s still too cold to get a lot of gardening done, but I decided that it’s not so cold that I should worry about putting Blazing Star (Liatris spicata) corms into the ground. Blazing Star (also known as Prairie Gay … Continue reading

Tropical Milkweed Sprouts

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I’ve been starting about 30 different kinds of seeds (flowers, fruits & veggies) this spring. Some of them have given me a LOT of trouble, or just take forever to sprout, so it’s nice when run into a plant that’s … Continue reading


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While working on the new vegetable gardens, I saw this European honey bee getting busy in the crocuses. I watched her for a full ten minutes as she continued her quest to get ALL the pollen. Welcome back, bees!

Morning Chores

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I woke up early yesterday morning to check on my plants and make a trip to Home Depot with my fellow gardener, Renee. Renee grows tomatoes, herbs, and potatoes in sub-irrigated containers in her yard. She’s also an amazing chef. … Continue reading

New Compost Bins

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Building trash can compost bins is so easy! I read a great tutorial on DIY bins and it took me 10 minutes to make each one. Now I have 64 gallons (…and counting) of leaves ready to decompose for next … Continue reading

Spring Break To-Do List

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This week’s forecast for Brooklyn is mostly sunny, sunny, and sunny, with highs in the low 50s. I have some extra time off work because of spring break, so here’s what I’d love to get done in the garden by … Continue reading