The Bluest Spring

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Having a garden full of blue flowers makes me feel like I’m living out some little girl’s dream. The color scheme happened by accident, though I wish I could take credit for being a garden planning genius. As the tulips … Continue reading

Tulips And Forget-Me-Nots

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There are so many chores to be done in the garden that it’s impossible to write about them all. April brings weeds along with the flowers, the lawn needs constant attention, cuttings need to be made, and it’s still vegetable … Continue reading

Spring Bouquet

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There are so many flowers blooming at Flutter By 8th today that I thought I would bring some inside for us to enjoy, too. Happy April!

“Red Winter” Kale

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The kale was planted during the first week of March and transplanted outside at the beginning of this month. I have to say, it’s so pretty that I’m going to be reluctant to harvest it all. During transplanting, one seedling … Continue reading

For Boston

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It’s a mild, sunny day in Brooklyn, Flutter By 8th looks gorgeous, and I’m celebrating my first full day off work in two weeks, but the city of Boston is locked down on a manhunt. We’re all thinking about our … Continue reading

Overflowing With Seedlings

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I’m in that in-between stage of planting when everything’s looking great, but can’t safely live start living outside yet. My windows are overflowing with seedlings. These photos don’t even begin to tell half the story! The 2013 plant list includes … Continue reading

Purple Vinca

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Last May I set out a Vinca atropurpurea plug and it’s putting out its first, tentative flowers this week. This one’s a keeper, folks. I love the deep color and I’d like to plant it in other areas of the … Continue reading

April Showers

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It was nice to get a couple of days of rain this weekend. The perennials responded by turning bright green… …setting buds… …and blooming. I’m starting to see butterflies and moths in the garden, but they’re camera shy. The vegetable … Continue reading

First Harvest: Pea Shoot Salad

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Today, we enjoyed our first harvest from the garden! Five and a half weeks after planting Golden Sweet snow peas, they were growing strong and in need of a thinning, so we mixed them with some radishes, spicy greens, and … Continue reading