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Morning Chores

I woke up early yesterday morning to check on my plants and make a trip to Home Depot with my fellow gardener, Renee. Renee grows tomatoes, herbs, and potatoes in sub-irrigated containers in her yard. She's also an amazing chef.

The whole garden here at Flutter By 8th is about to come alive and for the first time in my life, I'll be growing vegetables! The spinach seeds are up and growing in their cedar container. I've had them covered with greenhouse film and spun-bond fabric to protect them from the cold snap, but I'll be removing most that protection on Tuesday. The peas haven't come up yet - they've been slow to sprout in the chilly temps.

F1 Catalina Spinach sprouts

After burying the morning's eggshells and coffee grounds in my new compost bins, I took a quick tour around the beds to see how the flowers look. The alliums, ligularia, phlox, primrose, and peonies are starting to poke through the soil, and the tulips and daffodils will start blooming in April. Of all the perennials that are still blooming right now, Apricot Shades is my favorite. While it doesn't seem to produce as many buds as "Ivory Prince" or the Corsican variety, each flower is a gem.

Then it was off to the hardware store! We had to make multiple trips to get everything we needed. By the end of the morning, about 1000 lbs of compost and peat were stacked in the basement. Tomorrow I'll be able to build my vegetable beds and sow some spring crops!