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Spring Break To-Do List

Helleborus "Ivory Prince", looking pretty good this morning!


This week's forecast for Brooklyn is mostly sunny, sunny, and sunny, with highs in the low 50s. I have some extra time off work because of spring break, so here's what I'd love to get done in the garden by the end of March:

  • Build a second trash can compost bin
  • Build two raised beds and sow carrots, beets, radishes and spinach
  • Pot up some cool-weather seedlings that I started indoors, then harden them off slowly
  • Build cedar planters for my blackberries and wineberries
  • Try to level what's left of the lawn (it's so bumpy!)

There's a lot of manual labor on that to-do list and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!  I'll be posting some diy instructions on building the planters, plus my method of capping-off the contaminated soil underneath the vegetable beds.