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Spring Is Just Shy, That’s All

Well, the weather won't warm up and my favorite early spring bloomers won't show off.

The Corsican hellebores are holding their flowers facedown. I can't see them at all, though the ants can.

Helleborus argutifolius "Corsican Hellebore"

The pieris set buds last summer, but they're hidden inside the dense foliage.

20130320-213719.jpg Pieris japnica "Sarabande"

It snowed earlier this week and it will snow again tomorrow, but at least we had nice weather on the first day of spring. All the perennials in the garden are awake now. I can't wait to see how well they'll do in their second year.

20130320-213805.jpg Budding daffodils

20130320-213829.jpg Pretty new foliage on the wild columbine

Compared to 2012, 2013 should be a fairly weed-free & pest-free. I continued my winter cleanup today by setting up a compost bin and throwing all the Norway maple sprouts in it - thousands of them.

20130320-215227.jpg Norway maple seeds breaking dormancy. Into the compost bin you go!

During the cleanup, I was very pleased to note that I saw only one slug, one snail, and dozens of baby worms. Last year garden was besieged by an army of snails. They ate everything in sight.

By April the weather will much warmer, which is exciting. Between now and then I'd like to continue cleaning, build some new cedar planters, and start a vegetable garden. I'll need some help to get it all done. I've got that part covered, though.

20130320-213739.jpg Our neighbor's dog, Ginger, is always ready to help with the gardening.

Till the next sunny, spring day!