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Breaking Winter’s Spell

We New Yorkers are all muddling through late winter and we'll be frowning to ourselves on the subway every day this week, but hope is on the way!

Despite the threat of snow, I got outside this afternoon to plant my peas (Golden Sweets from Baker Seeds! - more about peas soon). After snuggling them into a covered cedar planter, I found this beauty hiding in the back of the garden, protecting itself from the high winds.

Helleborus "Apricot Shades"

If a sight like that can't pull you out of a winter funk, then I don't know what will! I've glanced at other people's hellebores from the sidewalk, but I never fully appreciated their coloring and showy stamens. I couldn't be happier with this plant and I can't wait to see what the Corsican & "Ivory Prince" varieties do later this month.

Spring is only two weeks away!