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Anemone Tomentosa “Robustissima”

Japanese anemones are late-season standouts that can bloom for up to 60 days. For our garden, I first did my research by reading the Chicago Botanical Garden's anemone evaluation and chose "Robustissma" for its long bloom, color, height, and eventual spread. I'm counting on it to fill in the gaps in our back bed and give a nice end of the year show.

The bees have already discovered them! (I love bees!!)

For the second time I ordered my plants from Avant Gardens in Dartmouth, MA. Based on my experiences this year, any gardener in the NYC area who occasionally needs to have something shipped should consider them first. Their plant selections are beautiful, large & fairly priced, they have great customer service, affordable shipping rates, and their plants NYC in 24 hours.

This week's delivery also included Clematis alpina 'Stolwijk Gold' - a vine that won't deliver this year, but should have ample time to grow strong roots for next season.