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“Big Box” Mums

The cuttings yellow and pink mums that live on my fire escape are almost ready to be planted in the ground, but there's absolutely no chance they'll bloom this year. I do have one mum already established in the garden - "Rhumba" was a bonus gift from Avant Gardens earlier in the year - but other than that and a couple of sedums, we had no plans for fall blooms.

To give us a bit more color this year, I picked up couple more cheap mums from the big box hardware store down the week. The purple one is actually really nice! I was a bit skeptical of it till the blossoms started opening.

I have to admit that it's nice to pay a lower price for fall color. The mums on my fire escape were a farmer's market purchase. Of course, once my little cuttings are established, I'll have gotten them at 2 for 1! But still, many of the shrubs we planted this year (camellias, rhodos, azaleas) weren't cheap and it's better for the budget to find a couple $3 perrennials.