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First Snow Pea Blossoms

"Golden Sweet" Snow Pea from Baker Creek


This time last week I was worried that my snow peas would never bloom. It had been nearly two months since they sprouted and they showed no sign of doing anything but growing straight up. I was also demoralized because my first crop of radishes ended up being (mostly) a failure (not sure why) and I was very afraid that parts of my yard just aren't suited to vegetable gardening.

But then last Friday a neighbor who had also planted peas in mid-March reported her first blossom, by Sunday mine were budding out as well, and today they started to open! Sweet success.

Golden Sweet flowers have such a deep color. I hope they bloom prolifically because then I can enjoy them twice - once while admiring them and again when their pea pods are in my belly. I'm still concerned that they'll give me too much leaf growth and not enough yield. The plants are already very tall - 4' and outgrowing their trellis. Only time will tell. If they don't yield well in their current bed I'll plant them elsewhere in the fall.

But really I'm happy, considering that with the peas blooming and the berries setting, I'm guaranteed a change-up from only eating greens from the vegetable garden!