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“Candy Stripe” Creeping Phlox

Early in January I was anticipating a need for more groundcovers in the butterfly garden and I pre-ordered a bunch of creeping phlox starters. They arrived in April and I didn't expect them to bloom this year because they're so small, but every single one surprised me with a few blossoms here and there.

"Candy Stripe" is my clear favorite. I set out eight plants around the inkberry shrubs to make a bright, cheery entranceway to the garden. The other cultivars, "Apple Blossom" and "Purple Beauty", have been planted here and there in the outer beds to help give the whole garden a better sense of depth in mid-Spring.

Plus, I've already gotten three rooted cuttings from my blue woodland phlox, which is super easy to propagate when it's blooming and actively growing. It's a good thing that I didn't order any blue creeping phlox. There are already plenty of blue flowers in the butterfly garden.

I can't wait to see how all these fragrant little beauties do after a year of growing roots!