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Berry Season Is Almost Here

This weekend we were able to score the season's first strawberries at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket, and they were delicious, but we're looking forward to enjoying our own berries in only a few weeks. We have a lot of fruits growing right now, they're just not ripe yet.

Like many other fruits, wonderberries are poisonous when they're not ripe.

Back in March, a friend and I started wonderberry (aka Sunberry) seeds as an experiment. I'd never heard of wonderberries before and they sounded easy & fun to grow. They take a couple weeks to germinate, but once they're up they grow fast & started blooming at 5 inches high. By now each plant has set 10-20 green fruits! (What? Amazing.)

While I haven't actually eaten them yet (they're similar to blueberries, but not as sweet), my instinct is to recommend wonderberries as an easy container crop for an apartment dweller who wants a low-maintenance, continuous supply of fruit during the growing season.  I'll weigh in on that again later in the year.

20130520-133203.jpg Early ground cherry fruits & blossoms.

The ground cherry was planted at exactly the same time and while it's not as prolific as the wonderberries, it's also setting early fruit, which I'm expecting to ripen in June.

Both these harvests will look puny in comparison to the mulberry crop, though.

20130520-133118.jpg I never even notice that the mulberry is blooming until I start sneezing a lot and wonder why.

Flutter By 8th shares an old mulberry tree with a next-door neighbor. When the fruit is ready, there's more of it than any person, animal, or bird could possibly eat. Our plan is to try our hand at mulberry jam this year. It's a shame to see the fruit go to waste and I hate pulling up mulberry tree sprouts all summer anyway.

Mmm. What a delicious spring.