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Baby Mantises Patrolling Red Hook

Hey, keepin’ the Chelsea Garden Center safe ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it.

When you're that small, a 4" pot of scotch moss is a vast, golden meadow. Five baby mantises have made it their territory in the Chelsea Garden Center in Red Hook. I wouldn't mess with them if I were you, and you were a baby insect.

But I didn't come to the garden center to look for baby bugs. I came to look for fig tree and, FYI, the Chelsea Garden Center doesn't have any fig trees in stock. Your best bet for figs at the moment seems to be a preorder from the Flatbush Fig Farm in Ditmas Park. I just reserved their last Flatbush Dark fig cutting after being let down by the other local offerings.

(Also FYI, mature blueberry bushes at the garden center are running about $40. They're in bloom and seem to have set some fruit. I've been keeping an eye out for blueberries for a friend.)

I desperately wanted to take a mantis home, but I had (what I call) a Red Hook Trifecta to complete: Ikea, Chelsea Garden Center, and Fairway all in one trip. Besides, they're totally happy where they are.