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Flash Floods Mean I’m Gardening Inside Today

In the last six hours New York City has already gotten more rain than in the whole month of April. Oh and the Fifth Avenue Apple Store flooded, which is crazy.

I stepped out to make sure my potted tomatoes weren't drowning and I got drenched in about 3 minutes. Ugh. It's just a great day to stay inside and play with your seeds. Right now I'm starting tender annuals, milkweed, and this "Dolce Vita" basil mix I bought on a whim.

My seed packet seems to be really fresh and they're sprouting in 24-36 hours. It's really exciting to watch because you can actually see the seeds triple in size within 5 minutes of planting! So I started a TON of this basil, and then some, to give away. It's a blend of Cinnamon, Genovese, Tall Lemon, Lime, Mammoth, and Purple Petra basils. Best. Basil. Mix. Ever. I want to eat them now.

20130508-131110.jpg Welcome to the world, little swamp milkweed!

Confession: sometimes I refer to milkweed seeds as "butterfly seeds".

On May 3 I started swamp milkweeds and now I have four sprouts growing inside. I only need one more for the butterfly garden, so that's good. Maybe I'll finally have extras to give away.

New whorled milkweed seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery should arrive this afternoon - something else to amuse me while I avoid the outdoors. Oh and the butterfly milkweed finally sprouted in the garden, but I don't have any photos of that, what with the torrential rain and flash flooding and all.

One more swamp milkweed, plus one more butterfly milkweed, plus some whorled milkweed means I'm ready to apply for butterfly certification from Monarch Watch!

But while I like to stay cozy, plants are loving it out there, especially after living through a dry April. The cardinal climbers are practically begging to go outside, and I will have to oblige sooner rather than later.

20130508-131025.jpg They're like little kids with their faces pressed against the window.