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Spotting Trouble Early

It's hard for busy professionals to find time to weed their yard, but if there's one 10 minute ritual you should perform religiously, it's weeding!

Back in April, I spent days digging up heavy, established weeds. Picking out the sprouts when they first emerge will spare me from having to go through that again.

Morning glories, Wild Cucumbers, Violets

Some of the biggest troublemakers in our garden look very innocent as sprouts. But if you have one morning glory, you'll have a hundred. Those wild cucumbers aren't edible and grow to tremendous size. And while the violets are nice for a week in March, they're a very invasive during the rest of the year.

The upside of never being able to get rid of all the violets is that they're a host plant for Fritillary butterflies.  Before I started work here, thousands of violets were taking over the rose & peony beds.  They're under control now and I can compromise with the caterpillars and keep them in small quantities.

Be sure to get 'em up by the roots!