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Winning The Hudson Valley Seed Raffle

While voting for District 39's Participatory Budget Initiative, which could help fund some outstanding gardens in the neighborhood, I entered a raffle organized by Claudia Joseph and the Hudson Valley Seed Library.

And guess what - I won! The booty includes:

  • Kaleidoscope Carrots
  • Champion Collards
  • Sparkler Radish
  • Ultimate Salad Bowl
  • Black Mountain Watermelon
  • Variegated Nasturtium
  • Arugula
  • Poracicaba Broccoli
  • Organic Seed Production and Saving, published by the Northeast Farming Association
  • And Lablab purpureus seeds

While some of the plants won't fit into this year's rotation, I know I can easily squeeze in some broccoli, collards, and more. All of the raffle proceeds will go towards building a new compost system at the Old Stone House.

How exciting!  I'll plant the Kaleidoscope carrots right away.