Before And After

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It’s been a long while since I posted a picture of the garden as a whole. I thought it would be nice to contrast it against the very first pictures we took last spring, during our first exciting walk in … Continue reading

Motivated To Buy More Natives Today

Lanceleaf Coreopsis
By Stilgherrian from Wentworth Falls, Australia (Bee on Coreopsis lanceolataUploaded by pixeltoo) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Today’s New York Times features a great opinion article by Marielle Anzelone, the executive director of NYC Wildflower Week. It discusses the necessity of planting native wildflowers in urban settings. The article lays a little guilt on us urbanites for our tendency … Continue reading

Effective Aphid Control

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We spent a good hour picking aphids today. Our friends recommended an easy aphid control method: they wrap a piece of tape around their fingers and run it across the leaves and stems. All the aphids stick to the tape, … Continue reading

San Marzano Tomato Blossoms

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The vegetable garden has been doing so well for its first year! We’ve already harvested about $80 worth of produce- mostly in the form of salad greens, radishes, and snow peas. But all those crops are waning in the final … Continue reading

“Candy Stripe” Creeping Phlox

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Early in January I was anticipating a need for more groundcovers in the butterfly garden and I pre-ordered a bunch of creeping phlox starters. They arrived in April and I didn’t expect them to bloom this year because they’re so … Continue reading

Pretty Pink & White Dianthus

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When I plant perennials, I usually buy them small and plan on having to wait a year before I can see them bloom. So I can never quite predict exactly a new variety will fit in with its neighbors. Sometimes … Continue reading

First Snow Pea Blossoms

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This time last week I was worried that my snow peas would never bloom. It had been nearly two months since they sprouted and they showed no sign of doing anything but growing straight up. I was also demoralized because … Continue reading

Berry Season Is Almost Here

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This weekend we were able to score the season’s first strawberries at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket, and they were delicious, but we’re looking forward to enjoying our own berries in only a few weeks. We have a lot of fruits … Continue reading